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Help For Dyslexia

Dyslexia Does Not Have To Last A Lifetime

Dyslexics Can Learn To Read If We Let Them!

EduGameStar is the First and Only, Online Program, that deals with all the cognitive and phonological weaknesses that cause reading problems (dyslexia) in adults and children.

If you or someone close to you is a struggling reader and you suspect dyslexia EduGameStar is the site you should subscribe to.  EduGameStar is home to over 800 of the most effective and enjoyable dyslexia therapy games available today.    

Join those who have become fluent readers and found the most effective program available to build the cognitive and phonological skills that dyslexics and all readers need for successful reading.             

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The Facts

  • There are 10 million school age dyslexic children that will never learn to read properly in our school systems!
  • There are 40 million adult dyslexics who cannot read above a third grade level!
  • People young and old from all social classes, races, and ethnic groups have difficulties learning to read.
  • Eighty percent of all individuals identified as learning-disabled have dyslexia.
  • According to the National Institute of Child and Human Development (NICHD), 20 percent of Americans have serious difficulty with reading.

Why do I need online reading games? Won’t conventional classes solve my problem?

Maybe not, the NICHD tells us that many schools are built on a “wait to fail” model that can lead struggling dyslexic readers to have even more difficultly learning due to low self-esteem and other factors. The earlier someone who is struggling receives extra help and attention the more successful that person will be. With systematic, intense instruction, reading problems and the effects of dyslexia are diminished.

However, systematic, intense instruction doesn't sound like much fun! That’s why we have built online dyslexia games that make learning fun for anyone.  Interactive reading games or dyslexia apps as we call them, will make learning new skills a blast! How does our comprehensive reading games work?

EduGameStar’s dyslexia apps don’t begin with the assumption that someone already has all the pre-requisite skills needed to read. Unlike many other kinds of reading instruction, which assume that everyone already has these building blocks, our online dyslexia apps are designed to build and strengthen these essential skills that are the foundation of reading success.  To accomplish this task EduGameStar combines cutting edge Neuroscience and Educational Therapy in a suite of games that are specifically designed to build critical cognitive and phonological skill while at the same time engage the learner.  EduGameStar users actually change the way they think and process information and gain skills that they were not born with.

Online reading games make building skills fun, even for students who find reading to be a challenge.

Unlike boring classes that can highlight the difficulties of a struggling reader, playing online reading games is effective fun and lacks the social stigma that can make a person feel ashamed of being different. EduGameStar’s games are designed to give anyone the skills needed to learn how to read.   Our "Get Acquainted Program" lets you find out more about EduGameStar at no cost to you because THE FIRST MONTH IS FREE!.

At EduGameStar we developed our suite of comprehensive dyslexia apps because we believe that everyone, even dyslexics, should have the skills and abilities that are needed to be a fluent reader.

Try EduGameStar’s online reading games because learning to read should be fun and anyone can "Play Dyslexia Away".


If you suspect that dyslexia may be the cause of your child's difficulties, answer the following questions to get a better idea if you should consider digital educational therapy.

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